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Windows Phone 7.5

Nokia Lumia 710 represents one of the cheapest Windows mobiles. With a stunning 1.4 gigs Qualcomm Snapdragon processor the phone never goes into the so called annoying "hang" mode. Plus the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) part of the Mobile is brilliantly awesome. The capacitive touch screen with a fast, snappy, fluid interface just grabs the attention of your fingers. It’s not all peaches and roses about Lumia 710. There are still many bugs and missing stuff that are pretty important for a normal mobile phone user.


Though the 5 mega-pixels camera doesn't come with the Carl-Zeiss optics, it is pretty good. But when compared with those with the Carl-Zeiss optics as in N82, N95, N8, this one is relatively poor in optics and in low light conditions. 720p video recording is a plus, but the focus gets screwed up sometimes when the video grabbing is in progress.


One of the basic features that a "Smart Phone User" wants – The ability to mark things and perform some actions on the selected list. But this feature is miserably missing in Windows Phone 7.5. Everyone, at some point of time or the other, would like to mark and delete their pics. Marking is present only in the Mail Client. It should be most importantly available in Contacts, Music and Video app, Marketplace, Photos!, Messaging and Call Log.

Screwed Up Contacts:

The first thing that bugged me after getting this mobile – All my contacts got screwed up just by linking Facebook, Windows Live, Google Accounts, Linked In, Twitter and my Android Contact List. And the SAD part is there is no option to roll back the changes, nor there is an option to mark all and delete. And the saddest part is there is no option to delete all contacts even in Windows Live – Contacts (Hotmail Contacts, web-app). Also when merging contacts, Windows live finds the first 3 duplicates and this goes on iteratively until the last contact is reached. This sucks pretty big time, because, after I linked all those contacts, and there is real-time sync between my phone and Windows Live account, my Live contacts populated to 1700+ in number. Dividing this into groups of 3 for merging duplicates is a pain.

Service Message:

It has been 2 weeks since I bought the mobile, and till the moment I started writing this blog, I was not able to find a method to reply to service messages (Messages that you receive when you dial *xxx# codes. eg. *121#,  *567# ). I’ve not been able to append any booster, nor subscribe to any Internet Offers from my mobile because of this.

Adobe Reader:

This is a pretty good application for the phone, and is the fastest working mobile phone book readers – comparing with Symbian v3 to Anna, Android and Blackberry. But when you think about transferring some files and reading those from your mobile, as a first time windows users, you will have absolutely NO clue as of how to do it. When I read through few posts, they mentioned that it should be done either by mailing them or, uploading those files to SkyDrive. Won’t it be simpler enough if Zune Sync offered transfer of pdfs, texts, MS-Office documents too.

Find text in A Document:

There is no option in any Native application to Find some text within a document. It is not available in Internet Explorer, NOT in Adobe Reader, and also NOT in Word, Excel, PowerPoint. This is one of the important features that any Document Viewer supports and offers – Ex. Quick Office.

Saving Music or Video:

I have been using many Media related apps since the day I bought the phone. Every app saves its corresponding downloaded media to a location that is specific to that application. This sucks big time, because there will be no integration of those downloaded media with the Native "Music and Video" app. Few example instances would be – 1. A song downloaded from Whatsapp would not appear in Music library, 2. Videos downloaded from Youtube Video Downloader wouldn't appear in Video library. It’s highly an important issue of the developer API that Microsoft has to take care of.

Ringtones and Sounds:

You cannot assign a song or music directly as your ring tone. There is a procedure to do this. Add a genre called "Ringtone" to that music (This can be only done by Zune) with the music file following some restrictions in time limit and memory limit. Sync via Zune, and you'll find this music in the settings page. This is really bad. As a smart phone, it should be able to trim the song till the allowed time limit, automatically add the genre and set that as the ringtone without the help of Zune.

Seek in Music and Video app:

The Music Player is a pretty good app, but it doesn't contain the very basic option - to seek to a particular point of time using touch and drag of a seek bar. The only option to seek in Music Player is to hold the Next button. This is very poor when thinking the Phone as a smart phone with awesome UX. The puzzling thing is that there is a seek bar in the Video Player, but not in Music player.

Other Issues:

  • Bluetooth file transfer is possible only between Windows Phones (Never used Bluetooth till now).
  • Frequent network problem in Whatsapp – Connection goes off.
  • No option to turn accelerometer off – to prevent automatic screen rotating.
  • Sync problems – resulting in broken files when disturbed or disconnected.
  • Marketplace is not populated by apps from Big-Developers. Still Microsoft is the only Big Developer.
  • No tethering available for Nokia yet.
  • No option to answer a call via a key. Touch is the only option – and it fails most of the times – results in NOT answering the call.
  • … (ll update once I find more issues with my mobile)

With all these in mind, one would suggest NOT to get a new Windows Phone. But once you get used to it, like pretty much, say, 2 to 3 days, you would actually love your Windows Phone just because of the processor, snappy UX / UI, cool apps, a brilliant Facebook integration, awesome capacitive touch screen ( I would say - this has better touch than any other phone), clear black screen (black pixels are more dark - this grabs the users attention by enhancing the other colors around), Video rendering and quality is awesome, and much more features like these.