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JavaScript Optimization

If you are a web developer, it’s time that you optimize your JavaScript. This client side scripting can make your application or API or the webpage dynamic and active, but the browsers interpretation of the code that we forget to optimize may introduce inefficiencies and becomes significance to the user. This can lead to major difference in performance of different constructs from client to client. Now let’s optimize the code that we write.

Many optimization techniques are the same as those used in other languages like C, Java, and Python etc… Algorithms, data structures, frequent caching of used values for loop unrolling, removing tail reduction techniques – all have a place in JavaScript Optimization. However, the way we interact with the DOM (Document Object Model – I would call it the Devil’s Organized Machine) in a large part, determines how efficiently our code executes.

It is not enough to deal this topic as a single post. So I will be dealing in detail about every method of optimization in the next coming posts.