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Fun with System Font

Are you bored with the basic font style in windows? Well no more get bored. Choose some exciting fonts for your title bars, menu bars, icon texts, etc... in a few clicks. Don't worry about the version of windows you are using. This preference manager / application has not changed over the different versions of windows.

To go to the settings window, Right Click Desktop --> Click Personalize (as in Windows 7 or Vista) --> Select Windows Color --> Choose Advanced Appearance Settings. Alternative way is by using Control Panel to go to Personalization --> Windows color --> Advanced appearance settings

The Windows Color and Appearance Dialog box opens. Here you see two drop down list boxes  - "Item" and "Font" . Choose the Item you want to change and then the corresponding settings appear on the right. Choose some cool font style, size and color.

One suggestion :

Download the "Catull", "Kristel" fonts. Install them and then use it on different system objects. Try different combination and get your windows look cool.

For your Info :

Catull is the font used by Google Inc. in its logo. It's a sexy font that makes text look cool and professional. Download the "Catull" font from the link given below.