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Binding Events in JavaScript

There are different ways you can bind an event handler to a JavaScript Event. The first is the traditional way of using the HTML attribute on<event> = “handler".

eg: html <a href="somewhere.html" onclick="myfunction" onmouseover="myhoverhandler" >Click here</a>

and the JavaScript code would be

<script type="text/javascript">
function myfunction() {
    /* JavaScript Code here */

The second way of binding the events would be assigning the DOM object directly using javascript as

var myElement = document.getElementById("myId");
// OR any other method of selecting the DOM.

//assigning the event handler
myElement.on<event> = handlerFunction;

myElement.onclick = function() { }
myElement.onmouseover = myFunction;

//where myfunction can be defined as
function myfunction() { }
//( OR )
myFunction = function () { }

//NOTE : Never Use
_myElement.onclick = alert("hi");

It is not good to use the above way. In the next post I’ll discuss about the next way of binding.